Food & Beverage

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has the complete range of food and beverage industry insurance solutions.

With increasing globalization and leaner supply chains, the challenges faced by the beverage manufacturing sector is amongst the most complex and demanding in the industry.

Holman brings a wealth of experience to food, beverage and hospitality industry, from operational advice such as consulting on production line risks to strategic support for multi-location and even international programs.Our clients range from raw material suppliers to leading retailers and wholesalers.

We are able to offer clients the full range of solutions, from property and liability cover, through cargo and storage, to specialized protection such as directors & officers or environmental liability.  We can offer these products for standalone risks, or as part of an overall national or even a global program covering exposures in multiple locations:

Tailored services for the food & beverage manufacturing insurance industry

  • Product recall

  • Environmental liability

  • Public, products and employers liability

  • Product tampering/contamination

  • Cargo and goods-in-transit (including storage and stock throughput)

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Directors and officers liability

  • Property (including physical damage from natural hazards such as flooding, windstorm or earthquake)

  • Business interruption

  • Risk consulting

  • Business continuity support

  • Crisis management support.

    Holman also has a winery, distillery and craft brewers insurance package that designed to provide  with peace of mind insurance coverage.
    Just some of the coverages in our insurance offering for wineries include:

    We have preferred relationships with several of the leading insurance companies within the industry.
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Damaged in Process Extension
    • Collapse of Tank Extension
    • Vines, Grapes and Trellises
    • Stock Spoilage
    • Product Recall Expense
    • Building and Equipment Coverage
    • Host Liquor Liability

If you have Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) , ISO Certification, GMP regulations, NNHP / DEL compliant, OU Kosher and / or Ifanca Halal Inspected that covers the manufacture, packaging and holding of dietary ingredients; design and construction of manufacturing facilities, product and process controls, testing, packaging and labeling you need to speak to Holman.

We believe GMPs are a necessity and assure manufacturers and consumers that the product they receive has been manufactured under a uniform set of standards. It also means we are able to negoiate the best and most competitive rates for insurance. 

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